Publications in refereed academic journals

Bilateral Investment Treaties and FDI: Does the Sector Matter?  (with L Colen and D Persyn), World Development, 83: 193-206 (2016).

Food Price Shocks and the Political Economy of Global Agricultural and Development Policy (with MP Squicciarini and J Swinnen), Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 36 (3): 387-415 (2014).
Paper awarded with the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association’s AEPP Outstanding Journal Article 2014.

Global hunger: Food crisis spurs aid for poverty (with MP Squicciarini and J Swinnen), Nature, 501:492 (2013).

Publications in peer-reviewed volumes

What Type of FDI Is Attracted by BITs? (with L Colen), Chapt. 5 in: De Schutter O., Swinnen J. et Wouters J. (eds) Foreign Direct Investment and Human Development, Routledge (2013).

The Rwandan Coffee Sector: out of the Ordinary  (with JN Chrysostome and M Verpoorten), in: Reyntjens F., Vandeginste S., et Verpoorten M. (eds.) L’Afrique des grands lacs. Annuaire 2011-2012, Paris, L’Harmattan: 397-426 (2012).

Working Papers

Effect of a Micro Entrepreneur-based Community Health Delivery Program on Under-five Mortality in Uganda: a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial (with M Björkman Nyqvist, J Svensson, and D Yanagizawa-Drott), CEPR Discussion Paper 11515.
Novartis prize for the best health economics paper at the Irish Economic Association conference 2017
eatured in The Washington PostQUARTZNYT, ImpakterJPALInnovations for Poverty Action (IPA)Children Investment Fund Fundation (CIFF),
R&R American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Female political representation in the aftermath of ethnic violence: A comparative analysis of Burundi and Rwanda (with B Ingelaere and M Verpoorten), UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2017/74.
R&R Development and Change

Aid, Trade and Post-War Recovery of the Rwandan Coffee Sector (with M Verpoorten)
R&R Journal of East African Studies

Armed conflict and schooling in Rwanda: Digging deeper (with M Verpoorten), LICOS Discussion Paper 343/2013 and HiCN Working Paper 166.

Rainfall Inequality, Political Power, and Ethnic Conflict in Africa (with T Rogall), LICOS Discussion Paper 391/2017.
UniCredit Best Presentation Prize at the 2015 Applied Economics Workshop in Petralia
Featured in World Bank Development Impact blogVOXEu

Conceptual framework for the analysis of the determinants of food and nutrition security (with H Pieters and A Vandeplas), Foodsecure Working Paper 2013-13.

Selected Work in Progress

Effect of the Living Goods/BRAC Community Health delivery Program on Child Mortality in Uganda – RCT Phase II  (with M Björkman Nyqvist and J Svensson)
Status: ongoing (Endline scheduled in 2019) 

Children’s learning clubs and primary school attainments in India: results from a Randomized Controlled Trial  (with M Björkman Nyqvist)
Status: preparation (Baseline scheduled in 2018)

Female Political Representation and its Impact in Uganda (with M Björkman Nyqvist and S Anderson)