Current Teaching 

EC7002: Development Economics: Experiments  (graduate, 2016-)
    See Blackboard for material and slides

EC4041: Development Economics (undergraduate, 2018-)
   See Blackboard for material and slides

EC3160 (previously EC3060): Economics of Policy Issues A (undergraduate, 2016-)
   See Blackboard for material and slides

EC2140 (previously EC2040): Mathematical and Statistical Methods A (undergraduate, 2016-)
   See Blackboard for material and slides

Short Modules in Development Economics  – Civil Conflicts, Climate, Health, Microfinance (graduate, 2016-) 

Previous Teaching 

Trinity College Dublin 

Summer School in Impact Evaluation and Workshop in Applied Evaluation Methods in Education (August 2018)

Counterfactual Impact Evaluation Workshop (Provided for the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service, December 2017)

KU Leuven 

Advanced Development Economics Module (graduate, 2016)
           “Introduction to Impact Evaluation and Randomized Controlled Trials